Beauty Queen Quilt Pattern

Beauty Queen Quilt Pattern


There's a Beauty Queen in all of us... 

Meet Beauty Queen. This fun, fast, focal-block quilt will be your new favorite in no-time. It's the perfect weekend project with endless color combinations and a top that can be cut and assembled in just one day. It will be right at home on your couch or as wall art, sure to impress every guest. 

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Standard with any CityCraft pattern, Beauty Queen includes: 

  • Soundtrack, Watch List, and Snacks!
  • Detailed diagrams and fabric placement
  • Efficient cutting instructions that include space for your own fabric swatches for keeping things organized
  • 6 Colorway Inspirations with swatch charts
  • Direct access to the designer with pattern questions

Dimensions: 50" x 50"

Fabric requirements: 

Fabric A    1/2 yard
Fabric B    1 yard
Fabric C    1 yard
Fabric D    1 yard
Fabric E    1/2 yard
Fabric F    3/4 yard
Binding     1/2 yard
Backing    3 1/4 yard