CityCraft Daily Obessions: Tuesday


CityCraft is OBSESSED with the following tasty tidbits of crafty goodness from around the Web today!

1. In the words of Rachel Zoe, this Spool Advent Calendar project from Just Something I Made is BA-NANAS!!!!!! I still can't get over how amazing and creative and spectacular it is...  Please, please will a CityCrafter try this and send us the pics? WE LOVE!

2. This tutorial from Threads Magazine on How to Hem A Pleated Skirt would have come in handy during my school days! Goodness knows we tried to get away with wearing our green and white plaid skirts as short as scandalous...

3. And cuteness, cuteness, cuteness with this Wild Things Tote that was kind of enough to share.  For the little monster in each of us.

Stay tuned...there is more to come...we just can't steal away any more time from setting up the store...part two cometh...
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