We have a winner!


Congrats to Nicole Dixon! Nicole is the follower who was randomly picked as the winner of our New Moda Solids fat quarter bundle giveaway on Pinterest! Being our very first giveaway on Pinterest, we learned a lot (like you can't see the entire list of a pin's repinners - weird, right?) So we had to pick from our followers using the random numbers generator. The first number generated was 408 (yes, I manually counted down the entire list of our followers - eye's on fire...) but that person hadn't repinned our bundle pin. So, as we promised, we randomly generated another number.

And Nicole Dixon happened to be our lucky 124th follower who had repinned our bundle pin!

Don't worry, we will have lots more Pinterest giveaways. We've got some great new books coming out (which we will get ahead of Amazon - take THAT mega-corporate-behemoth!)

So CONGRATS to Nicole!

Here's the pin in question - isn't that bundle irresistible?


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