Washi by Rashida Coleman-Hale


I can't believe it's actually here! This fabric's journey to CityCraft began with a run-in (literally) at Quilt Market this fall in Houston. Mary Abreu (@flourishes) and I got to be Twitter pals when her book came out (Little Girls, Big Style) and we always seem to nearly miss each other at market. Luckily, the planets were aligned and we happened to be in the same market neighborhood and the same time, and by her side was Rashida Coleman-Hale (designer, author Zakka Style, illustrator, linen-lover extraordinaire. Check out her blog here: I Heart Linen). Rashida handed me one of the Washi postcards she made for the show (I still have it on my bulletin board) and as soon as we all parted ways I made a mad dash to the Timeless Treasures booth and strong-armed my sales rep until he let me pre-order the collection. "We're not even taking orders, yet!" he protested. I wasn't taking no for an answer. And the rest is history. Our UPS delivery man (Doug) dropped off two lovely packages yesterday, and it was like Christmas morning all over again. What a great surprise! The fun part about ordering fabric is you never know quite when it will arrive. And just when you've almost forgotten about it, it shows up on your doorstep like a long lost friend. Washi is now available for purchase in-store and online. The fabric swatches below have been manually scanned to achieve as much color accuracy as possible, but as always, screen colors are close approximations. (You better get some of that Washi Tape fast because I'm already planning to use it for my next Peony dress.)

Rashida Coleman-Hale, Mary Abreu, and me at Quilt Market in Houston, 2011

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