Ty Pennington in my living room

Made you look! Yes, Ty Pennington is in my living room. This very minute in fact! No, no, no, not the real Ty Pennington, the Ty Pennington Impressions Home Decor fabric collection - a recent addition to the CityCraft library of delicious fabrics. I joke that I'm the cobbler whose children have no shoes - I'm a fabric shop owner without a lick of fabric in my home. This is to expected though after more than a year of living up here at the shop. So last night I finally put together a few pillows for my sad, lonely, fabric-less couch, and I think they turned out pretty darn great.

Ty Penning Impressions Home Decor Fabric

The big pillows measure 26x26 and were West Elm shag floor pillows in their former lives (floor pillows don't fare so well in a house occupied by a yellow labrador). It's pretty big in scale for the couch, but I could care less about "decorating rules". My rule is if  you like it, go for it. I sewed it up with a simple envelope closure. (You can find great envelope pillow tutorials on Sew4Home.com.) The fabric on the front is Bamboo Stripe Spice and the back is Angel Wings Charcoal. (I'll upload some better pics of the pillow backs later tonight.)

The smaller pillows measure 20x20 and because I accidentally didn't cut enough fabric for the envelope closure backs, I sewed them together with an invisible zipper closure. (You can learn how to do that in our next Throw Pillow class!) The front of these pillows is Moorish Charcoal and the back is Wave Spice.

I love the new Ty Pennington fabric collection. I was surprised by it when I first saw it. Not sure what I was expecting, but I think he/his team did a really good job. It's a very masculine collection which balances out the heavily feminine offerings from most of the quilt fabric manufacturers these days. (This is another reason why I love Joel Dewberry's collections so much - it's nice to have a male influence in a textile collection for a change.)

I will post more pics later. I intend to complete the couch pillow-scape with a bolster and a round pillow perhaps. Just enough pillows so that the Lab can't get up on the couch and smother it with a fine layer of dog hair that eventually ends up on the rear-end of an unsuspecting house guest. Lovely, right?