Tammis Keefe Fabric has arrived!

This is definitely one of the collections purchased at market that we have been dying to welcome in the shop. The Tammis Keefe Tribute collection by Michael Miller honors the artistic work of designer Margaret "Tammis" Keefe, a legendary textile designer whose wares are considered highly collectible works of art.

From the Michael Miller blog:

"Handkerchiefs, linen kitchen towels and scarves are what Tammis Keefe is known for today because of their availability.  However, she designed for home furnishing fabrics (Goodall Industries and Golding Decorative Fabrics), wallpaper, all manner of kitchen linens in addition to towels including tablecloths, placemats with matching napkin sets and cocktail napkins (Fallani & Cohn, Falfax All Linen and Goodall).  She also designed sportswear shirts for men and women (Marlboro Shirt Company), Christmas cards (Irene Dash Greeting Card Co.), playing cards (Random Thoughts  Publications Co.), glassware, dishware and product advertising and packaging.

"Her signed handkerchiefs printed on fine linen or cotton were a collector’s item even then during a time when the handkerchief was on the way out and Kleenex tissues were rapidly taking over. Her new handkerchief designs were eagerly awaited for by a public that could buy one for fifty cents to one dollar. Many people framed them to display on the wall. Other high-end stores around the country also sold her handkerchiefs. Each design was usually printed in up to six different colorways. Keefe also produced a second line of handkerchiefs for Kimball she signed Peg Thomas (the name her family called her at home plus her middle name) for retailers that wanted her look, but for marketing reasons couldn’t sell her Tammis Keefe signature line."

We are very, very pleased to carry the entire Tammis Keefe Tribute collection by Michael Miller. It is available in-store and online. Collect a piece of the entire collection with a Tammis Keefe Fat Quarter Bundle.

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