Summersville by Lucie Summers


I always chuckle when people come into the shop and ask, "So how often do you get new stuff?" To us, it feels like Doug, our UPS man, is pulling up to our back door with something new every day! Summersville is designed by Lucie Summers for Moda and is now available in store. Moda's official description of the collection: "Welcome to Summersville! This is the debut collection for Moda by Lucie Summers, a screen printer from the UK. Lucie hand draws all of her designs and Summersville is inspired textures and shapes found in the countryside where she lives and her ever-growing vintage thrift store ceramic collection. Together with a large dose of whimsy, Lucie’s colourful textiles are sure to delight and inspire!"

I must say that Moda is doing a great job lately of incorporating modern collections into their historically "traditional" offerings. I also appreciate that this collection is hand-drawn, an element that I think lends a certain authenticity and depth to collections (think Echo by Lotta Jansdotter and most of what Alexander Henry releases). You can instantly tell the difference between prints generated by a computer and prints generated by hand. I tend to prefer the latter. First, let's take a look at the fabrics! There is so much to love here. And even better, the collection includes 4 laminated fabrics. 



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Now, start planning what you will do with them. You can download the free Summersville quilt pattern from Moda here (pdf). I like the quilt, and will probably try my hand at it. But I also plan to design my own Summersville quilt with more of a fabric focus. In other words, a quilt where you can see more of the individual prints instead of cutting them all up into tiny pieces. I love when quilt patterns make use of big pieces and the full run of a print is visible.