Quilting for Boston, West


If you are feeling like we are, the events of the past week are confusing, angering, saddening, and frustrating. It is impossible to make sense of it all. Many people have expressed feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless and wanting to help but not knowing where to start. Whether you are a new sewer or an expert sewer, we all have talents and skills that can be put to good use to create something beautiful and comforting to share with the communities of Boston and West recently affected by staggering tragedies. Hopefully we can create things that bring even a tiny bit of relief and comfort to those that are suffering so greatly.



Starting today, in addition to donating fabric ourselves, CityCraft will be accepting donations of fabric to make quilts, blankets, and stuffed animals to send to the communities of Boston and West. Any fabric scrap no matter how big or small will be accepted. You can drop off in person or send by mail to CityCraft, 5460 W. Lovers Lane Suite 234, Dallas, TX 75209.


We are still finalizing the quilt concepts, but one particular quilt we want to make a quilt of word blocks. Words of hope: "hug", "love", "strength", "hope", "peace", etc. If you want to get working right away, feel free to get started on some blocks of words and send them in. We will later piece them all together. Elizabeth Hartman has been doing a lot of great work with modern alphabet blocks and piecing. She even offers a pattern for making each letter here

Please share your work with others through social media to encourage others to pitch in. We will be using hashtags #quiltsforboston #quiltsforwest and #craftaid.

We are currently working on a website and Facebook page to better organize this effort. I will update this post when it gets up and running but the effort is tentatively being called Craft Aid. 


(UPDATED APRIL 20: Attend the first sewing session Sunday, April 21.)


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