Quilt Market Fall 2012: Part One


Oh me, oh my... Where do I even begin?  I got back from Quilt Market some time on Monday after a long and boring drive up I-45 (made much less boring by the awesome NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour podcasts.) And my head is still spinning. Since getting back, all I can do when I get home from the store at night is sit comatose on the couch catching up on The Good Wife on DVR. (It's so good, right?)

Soooo back to Quilt Market... I drove from Dallas to Houston on Thursday afternoon (after filming in the shop for Bravo's new reality show Courtney Loves Dallas finished - that's another blog post entirely) so I could start the day nice and early on Friday for School House. (School House is a series of mini-demo's from designers, authors, and fabric companies.) And guess what?! Mama CityCraft herself joined me! I finally invited her to Quilt Market.

One of my favorite School House presentations this year was from Kathy Miller, one of the owners of Michael Miller Fabrics, on current trends and how Michael Miller is capitalizing on them with their latest releases. The three trends that I'm currently loving the most are jewel tones, pastels, and NEON. Kathy hit the nail on the head with the major neon trend.

Hooray for someone finally coming out with neon fabric, right?? My favorites in the Michael Miller neon group were the yellow and pink solids and the yellow and pink dots on gray. I thought the orange was a bit garish (would have liked to see a paler orange). Not sure when they will start shipping these, but I really can't wait. My first project will definitely be a gray, white and neon pink color block quilt or shift dress. Yee haw!

During the same School House, they showed off a few quilts using Michael Miller fabrics including this gem from the book Geared for Guys by Crazy Old Ladies.

Aren't you just obsessed with this? It's a great example of how stunning simple shapes of color against a white background can be.

Another highlight was catching up with friend Deborah Moebes of Whipstitch. She presented her newest book called Stitch Savvy. This is a totally grainy photo but you get the gist. She is just fabulous and so much fun to be around.

Speaking of industry pals, this is really one of the first years at Quilt Market where I started to kinda feel like I belong. My mom and I did the math and figured this is the 7th market I've attended. We just celebrated the store's 3rd anniversary and I still pinch myself thinking about my first market where CityCraft was still just an idea - me carrying around my business cards I had printed on my home computer. Silly and fabulous.

Okay, I digress. Back to School House.


My second favorite School House had to be the presentation by Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably. They are a hoot! It was like comedy hour. You could tell these are guys who have been doing this for so long that they stopped taking themselves too seriously years ago. They just have fun.

I loved this Missoni-style quilt made with Kaffe's Shot Cottons. I'm really hoping to add the shot cottons to our inventory soon. Gotta make more room!

 So, there's Part One. There's so much more to come so please stay tuned. That's about all I have energy for today. (Still, still recovering...) Questions? Comments?