Petit Fleurs Collection & Quilt

We love it when artists with a distinct and unique "voice" team up with fabric companies. Magical things happen. Such is the case with Carolyn Gavin and Windham Fabrics. A 100% organic fabric collection, Petit Fleurs is on-track to become one of our top 10 bestselling lines of the year. Anchored by a perfectly proportioned alphabet panel print, Petit Fleurs is a versatile collection of modern florals that will delight quilters and apparel sewers alike. 

Naturally, we couldn't resist whipping the alphabet panel and a coordinating floral into a precious whole-cloth quilt. 

As with most panel prints, each section is unavoidably too close to the next, making a balanced layout difficult when the panel becomes the focus of a quilt or home decor project where symmetry is desired. Luckily Carolyn and Windham gave us some extra space on the sides of the print along the selvage, so we simply cut off the selvages and attached them to the top and bottom of the alphabet panel, giving us a little extra sashing. Easy!

To keep the quilt supple, I opted to quilt it sparingly, just between each letter panel using Aurifil Mako 50 thread. 

To highlight the beautiful magenta color in both the panel print and the Swallows print (Wood color) I chose the Kona solid "Valentine" for the hand binding. I would have loved to keep the entire quilt organic, but the Valentine was just too perfect.  (Side note: many of you have asked about how we hand bind our quilts. We prefer the "ladder stitch" method because, when done correctly, your stitches are nearly invisible. Everyone has their own preferred method of binding by hand - there is no "RIGHT" way - but this is what we like to use for quilts that we are going to sell or display. You can find a good tutorial here, or feel free to come into the shop anytime and we will show you.)

Kona cotton solid Valentine quilt binding

The finished size is approximately 40x42. 

All materials to replicate this quilt are now available in-store.  This quilt is also available for sale. Please call 214-366-4220 to inquire about purchasing, or see us in shop.