New Ghastlies from Alexander Henry

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First, let's clear up something. "Alexander  Henry" is not the designer of Alexander Henry Fabrics - that's the name of the fabric company. The designers of  Alexander Henry fabrics are the De Leon Design Group—Marc, Phillip and Nicole de Leon— and an in-house staff of artists that paint each pattern by hand. If the quilt fabric world had a group of "cool kids", these would be the cool kids. Needless to say, it's one of the booths at market that I could spend all day in. So, now that you know that Alexander Henry isn't a person, let's get on with it!

The designers over at Alexander Henry outdid themselves again with the latest release of Ghastlies prints. The new print releases include a look back at the Ghastlie ancestors, new blenders and coordinates, and CHEVRON!! Oh goodness, time to start on another Ghastlies quilt. Maybe if I start now I'll have it done before Halloween. 



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