Meet Beauty Queen

She's here!


Whoo hoo! I am SO EXCITED to finally introduce my newest quilt pattern:

Beauty Queen. 


As you know, I am all about fresh designs and BIG, BOLD COLOR and this girl has it in spades. She was born from my desire for a quilt that could be made in a weekend that was classic in its design, but provided the perfect canvas for bold and modern color combinations. I really wanted to show how a quilt could feel fresh and modern with lots of color. MAXIMALIST, BABY!




She truly embodies my vision for CityCraft 2.0: fun, fearless, and full of energy. 

And speaking of fun, fearless, and full of energy, there was no one better suited to show off Beauty Queen than one of my favorite Dallas queens, Raquel Blake. Could she be any more gorgeous? Get it, girl. 




You'll notice that this particular version of Beauty Queen ("Makeup Palette") is fluffy!!!! They say that necessity is the mother of invention and let me tell you that out of necessity when I was working from San Miguel, Mexico, I could only get my hands on high-loft polyester batting. AND WHOA NELLY. I am OBSESSED with the fluffy quilt! After years of super thin quilts with dense quilting, it's time to EMBRACE THE FLUFF, my friends. There is something so comforting about a high-loft quilt. It's cozy, it's three-dimensional, it's alive. 




More invention from necessity came about when it was time to quilt this baby and I forgot to pack my dual-feed foot. (Ay, ay, ay.) So, I ended up hand-quilting along the seams, and I love the way that it turned out. The hand-quilting lends even more softness and "fluff factor". Plus, there couldn't be anything more relaxing than some handwork while on vacation. Right? 




Here are some more fun shots with Raquel... this photo shoot was a blast...




Oh boy, oh boy, I can't WAIT to see what you do with this pattern. So many options! So many palettes! In fact, all CityCraft patterns will feature "Colorway Inspirations" complete with color charts for easy shopping. It's all about the inspiration! 


Beauty Queen Colorway Inspirations page preview.jpg


More deets, you say? You got 'em! 



She's waiting for you! 

There are a few options for purchase: 

Click here to buy at CityCraft (here!)

Click here to buy at Craftsy (and get supplies!)



Please let me know if you have any questions! Happy quilting!