Learn how to embroider


Lots of our CityCrafters have asked me to create a hand embroidery "how-to" class, and while we have toyed around with the idea of the class there are several reasons why we haven't added one to our schedule yet. First, it's important to me that you always walk away from a CityCraft class with a completed project in your hands. Hand embroidery is a lengthy process, best done in lots of short spurts. To complete a "CityCraft-worthy" embroidery project, the class would be too long and too expensive. For the time being, your best money is spent on a great hand embroidery book. We happen to love Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart, the mastermind behind the Sublime Stitching brand of embroidery patterns that started the hip embroidery revolution.

The book is full of step-by-step lessons for each stitch that your heart desires to create, plus lots of detailed photos, and even a packet full of embroidery pattern transfers.

Check out what others have learned to make using Jenny Hart's techniques:

Once you get the hang of things, we several other "modern embroidery" books to continue your studies like Modern Primitive Embroidery, Rainbow of Stitches, and Scandinavian Needlecraft among others.

So give it a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by your ingenuity!