Natural Flavor Resources for Modern Handcrafted Candy


Have you started the Modern Handcrafted Candy class on Bluprint yet?

If you’ve already jumped in, you’ll find that there are some essential supplies for making modern handcrafted candy that you might not have around the house.

I’ll make a comprehensive resource list for those in my next post, but for now I wanted to share Jami’s recommended resources for natural flavors to use in her candy recipes since the supplies aren’t mentioned in the class materials.

First, buy her book

As a very helpful fellow student in the Craftsy/Bluprint class pointed out in the discussion forum, Jami’s book “Candy is Magic” addresses a lot of the outstanding questions that students might have in the online class. It’s an absolutely phenomenal book, and 100% worth the investment. (I cannot wait to try the Chocolate + Olive Oil + Sea Salt Lollipop recipe.)

What she recommends

In the resources section of the book, Jami recommends two natural flavoring suppliers: LorAnn’s and Nature’s Flavors. She made sure to emphasize, however, that you must use natural flavors that are specifically intended for high-heat applications. She referred to these as “flavor emulsions”.

LorAnn’s website is a bit confusing because they have a section titled “Bakery Emulsions”, but the company states that these are not for use in hard candy because of the high water content. From my research, the best natural hard candy flavoring option from Lorann is a line called LorAnn Naturals. However the line is limited and I was only able to find one flavor on Amazon that could be used for a MHC recipe.

LorAnn Naturals Strawberry Flavor

LorAnn Naturals Strawberry Flavor

I might try the Modern Handcrafted Candy strawberry lollipops recipe with Lorann Naturals Strawberry Flavoring.

What about LorAnn Super Strength?

Be wary of the “super-strength” LorAnn candy oils that are widely available across Amazon. According to a great article that explains the differences between extracts, oils, and flavorings, these oils aren’t really oils at all but highly concentrated flavors.

For example, Jami’s Strawberry Lollipop calls for 18g of flavoring. Since 1 bottle of Lorann’s super-strength is roughly 4g, that would be more than 4 bottles of the Lorann super strength hard candy oil! To put that into context, I found a lollipop recipe on LorAnn’s site that uses 1 bottle (1 tsp) of super-strength oil for the equivalent amount of sugar that Jami requires in her Strawberry Lollipop recipe.

Bottom line: if you decide to use LorAnn’s super-strength, only use 1 bottle per 400g/2 cups of sugar.


I found the best range of natural and organic flavor emulsion options from California-based Nature’s Flavors. Nature’s Flavors Natural and Organic Emulsions are listed as appropriate for hard candy. They aren’t available on Amazon, but I am very impressed by their wide assortment. They have the Champagne, Tangerine, Peach, and Strawberry flavors required for Modern Handcrafted Candy recipes among hundreds of others.

In general, Nature’s Flavors is a really interesting company - a crafter’s dream. It’s definitely worth taking the time to poke around their site.


To summarize:

  1. Use natural flavors instead of artificial

  2. Make sure the flavor is “heat-stable”

  3. Be careful using any labeled as “super-strength” and adjust your ratios.

  4. Your best bets are LorAnn’s Naturals line and Nature’s Flavors Organic and Natural Emulsions.

Hope this helps! I’ll post about hard candy supplies and resources soon.


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