Inwood Village SB Recovery Party

We LOVE our shopping center, Inwood Village. Not only are we perfectly located, surrounded by awesome stores like the new Le Creuset shop, and always super safe thanks to 24-hr security, our Inwood Village family hosts great programs for our shoppers like the recent "Spring Break Recovery" giveaway where one lucky CityCrafter won a free sewing party for 8 people just by commenting on an Inwood Village Facebook post! Lucky CityCrafter Jennifer   - a longtime CityCraft patron - won the sewing party that we hosted last weekend. It was a BLAST! For the party project, Jennifer picked the Grocery Tote from One Yard Wonders - a bestselling book available at CityCraft. Each party guest got to pick any fabric from our great selection of home decor fabrics, learned how to use the sewing machines, and completed these cute totes in one sitting. AMAZING! Jennifer's guests did a great job, and now tote their groceries in megawatt style! Stay tuned to the CityCraft and Inwood Village Facebook pages for even more opportunities to win great prizes like sewing parties or free Amy Butler patterns.

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