Flirty fashion


Thought I would share my latest creation... Burda Young Fashion 7680 + Alexander Henry "Kimba"

This was actually a dress I was able to make in about 2.5 hours. Super simple, and I love the zipper detail at the neck line. I used a chunky metal jeans zipper. I first wore it alone with heels and no belt. It's very comfortable. If I was to make it again I would take it in a little around my ribcage which is where I'm smallest. I'm such a lazy seamstress though - I like to just pick one size and cut it out and then go back and take it in a little if it's too big in areas. For me the thrill is making a dress in one sitting! (And even more fun is the way people stare when I wear hot pink leopard print - "There's that crazy lady that owns the fabric shop.")


Looks like no one has written a review of this pattern on yet - I'll happily be the first! I wonder if it's a relatively new pattern...

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