Fascinator Tutorials


The best thing about business school was definitely getting to meet and know my classmates. Our accomplished MBA class is now spread out across the globe, doing awe-inspiring things and starting awe-inspiring companies. What a privilege to be friends with them and keep in touch with them. One classmate now living across the pond that I miss dearly is my friend Christine who I got to know well in our marketing classes and during our Global Leadership excursion to China.

Following graduation, Christine married a darling Brit named Robbie.  They now live in London, and I'm totally in love with their fabulous British life. A few days ago, I sent Christine a message asking about the Royal wedding buzz. She mentioned that a group of her girlfriends were getting together to watch the wedding with "mimosas and fascinators". Fascinators? It sounded to me like a crazy cocktail, but Christine informed me that fascinators are those fancy head-toppers (not exactly hats) that British women love to sport  to the "races" and special occasions. (Why did this fashion vocabulary word escape me for so long?)

Anyhoo - as THE wedding approaches, thought it might be fun to round up a few fascinator tutorials for our CityCrafters that will be getting in on the fun... at 4:30 in the morning. (Is it bad if I choose to Tivo?) Enjoy.


Flower and Veil Fascinator Tutorial

Feather Fascinator

Top Hat Fascinator

Peacock Fascinator

Fascinator Tutorial by Simplicity