CraftAid Sew Session #1

Craft Aid

We've been getting lots of volunteer sign-ups for the Craft Aid Quilt/Sew for Boston and West. THANK YOU! If you haven't signed up yet, please volunteer here

This Sunday we will be hosting the first sewing session to start assembling our "Words of Hope" blocks. If you have signed up to be a volunteer through our form on the last blog post we will be sending out a Sewing Session notice to you. If you are available to assist on that particular time, you will simply respond to the email that you are planning to attend.

We will meet Sunday, April 21, from 4-7 pm. Hopefully this gives everyone enough time to go home afterwards and get settled for the week ahead. 

WHAT TO BRING: CityCraft will be providing thread, donated fabric, tools, miscellaneous notions, and up to 8 machines for volunteers to use, however if you have a sewing machine that is easily transportable we encourage you to bring your own. Please note that we are assuming that all the sewing volunteers have previous machine sewing experience and experience with basic patchwork. We will be using the Elizabeth Hartman alphabet pattern to create our word blocks. BEFORE YOU ARRIVE, please purchase and download this pattern and review the instructions. Please bring the pattern pieces necessary to create the words of your choice. This will simplify the process and make sure that we can all start sewing immediately. We will provide freezer paper.

As this outreach project develops, we will be communicating and organizing through "Craft Aid", a non-profit in development by CityCraft as a grass-roots effort to organize crafters in order to provide relief through creative work for persons, groups, or communities affected by tragedy.

The website is still under construction, but for now we are getting the Craft Aid Facebook page up and running to act as our communication headquarters. 

In  the meantime, sign-up to volunteer and let us know which days work for you HERE.


Craft Aid