CityCraft Pinterest Challenge


Do you sometimes feel you are stuck in a sewing rut? Do you find yourself sewing the same projects or working with the same fabrics over and over again? Ready to stretch your sewing skills? Then you've come to the right place! Here at CityCraft we are avid Pinterest "pinners" and we often complain to each other about how many sewing projects we have pinned but have yet to attempt or complete. That's why we have created the CityCraft Pinterest Challenge. This is a 6-month challenge to complete as many projects from your sewing project pins on Pinterest that you have no doubt been passionately collecting since you became a Pinterest member. We have created a Flickr group for this challenge where you can post your pics of completed challenge projects. Once the six months are up (and believe me they will fly by), we will randomly select from all of the posts in our Flickr group and the winner will be awarded a brand new Janome sewing machine! There are no rules except that your must projects must be based on one of your pins, you must give credit and link to the pin when posting in the Flickr group, AND challenge takers must abide by the rule of honesty: no pin-related sewing projects completed prior to the challenge start date of March 22nd may be posted. Play fair, y'all! Any fraudulent posts will be removed.

A few suggestions:

1. If you have a sewing projects Pinterest board, trying working your way from first pin to last pin. For those that have been pinning for a while it's really fun to see what kinds of projects you first started pinning! I, Callie, will be working through the CityCraft sewing projects board starting at the very first pin and sewing them in succession, only starting the next pin once the previous is complete.

2. Let your friends know what you are up to! If you have a blog, add the Pinterest Challenge banner to your sidebar. Right-click the image below to download. You may need to resize it slightly to fit into your sidebar.


3. Be sure to join the Flickr group so that you can see what other challenge takers are working on.

I'm starting with the first pin in our Sewing Project board: a tutorial from Sew4Home for making travel shoe bags. Now this one is definitely going to challenge me because traveling with shoe bags is FAR more organized that I am naturally. I'm lucky if I remember to pack shoes at all. I'm thinking of swapping flannel for the fleece.



Leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions. We're very excited about this and can't wait to see what people create!