Children at Play


'Tis the season for new fabric! The fabric collections released at spring quilt market are rolling in daily here at CityCraft. Every day is like a 100 degree Christmas! There are three new collections that are well on their way to selling out: the highly anticipated and collectible Children at Play by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller fabrics, the "Sorbet" collection from Michael Miller, and the newest collection from fabric design superstar Joel Dewberry: Heirloom.

Children at Play is a collection that is generating a lot of buzz among the fabric community. Sarah Jane is an artist and children's book illustrator, and this is her first fabric collection. You may have seen her sought-after prints that she sells on Etsy. You can learn more about Sarah Jane and her precious collection on her website and blog. This collection has US buzzing because it includes a great selection of good BOY PRINTS. Yes! Your long search for sophisticated prints for boys ends here! My favorite is a print called Rocket Launch Club in navy. Another cute print from the collection for girls (and all of us girls at heart) is Balloons in aqua.

The Sorbet collection by Michael Miller Fabrics is a delicious grouping of sorbet-toned prints that includes an Ikat-inspired print that I can't wait to turn into a skirt or pillowcases. This weekend a CityCrafter picked up several yards of each print to decorate her toddler daughter's new "big girl room".

It's no secret that Joel Dewberry is one of our favorite designers. His design aesthetic is right in sync with the trend of eclectic, modern florals and nature-inspired graphics using bold, fresh colors. I spoke with Joel recently by phone, and he mentioned how proud he is of this collection. It is a large collection that includes voile and laminate substrates - a first for Joel.

In other news, the ruffle fabric continues to be a big hit! Our second shipment of ruffle fabric arrive not too long after the first, and we are continually impressed with all of the amazing projects our CityCrafters have been coming up with. Here is a small sampling of different ruffle fabric projects to get you inspired.

Have you seen the Summer Sweep table? What a deal! We have dozens of cottons marked down to $5.99 and $3.99 per yard, plus patterns for $6.99, books for $9.99 and designer laminated cottons for $9.99. It's moving fast, so don't miss out.
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