Alexander Henry Ghastlies 2013

We've been following The Ghastlie family ever since they were first introduced by Alexander Henry Fabrics, and naturally, we've got the newest prints! The Ghastlies return with their first holiday-themed collection AND some GORGEOUS new "Ghastlie Web" prints that I will definitely be making into a fall/Halloween dress. Just stunning. Now available in-store and online. Click each image to go directly to that print.


Ghastlie Violets Dust Ghastlie Violets Dust A Ghastlie Web Mist Lt Grey A Ghastlie Web Mauve A Ghastlie Web Smoke A Ghastlie Web Natural A Ghastlie Holiday Headstone A Ghastlie Holiday Blood Red A Ghastlie Holiday Mauve A Ghastlie Holiday Smoke A Ghastlie Forest Headstone A Ghastlie Forest Mist Ghastlie Bramble Mist