Alexander Henry Fulham Road

As a loyal CityCrafter, you know that we are smitten with Alexander Henry Fabrics. Led by brother and sister design team Phillip and Nicole de Leon, Alexander Henry designs are true works of art, created by hand. Their latest collection, Fulham Road, debuted a short time ago at the fall 2012 quilt market. Check out the amazing booth! 

Alexander Henry Fall 2012 Quilt Market Booth | CityCraft

The Fulham Road collection is an homage to the legacy and work of Phillip and Nicole's father and the grand designs of London's textile districts. When designing the booth, the AH team imagined a fictional character named Lucille, a real "grand dame" aging gracefully in her London flat. When I met  at market with Miho, AH's director of production, we imagined all of Lucille's escapades and giggled at all of the things that "Lucille" might say or do. I always have fun at the Alexander Henry booth - it's rare to get the stories behind the fabrics, and the AH team has a great sense of humor.

The collection just arrived here at CityCraft, and everyone that walks in the shop stops to ooh and ahh over it. Here are the three colorways. Click on any collage to go the online shop page and grab a yard or two. 

The Tawny Plum Colorway

The Persimmon Colorway



The Sienna Colorway

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