6 Beautiful Cross-Stitch Kits

6 Beautiful Cross Stitch kits #crossstitch #crossstitchkits

6 Beautiful Cross Stitch Kits

Cross stitch is a magical, mysterious world of secretive stitchers. There are people in my family and friend circle who have been cross-stitching for YEARS and never talk about it.

What is this beautiful, secret world? And how does one join this secret society?

Here are 6 beautiful cross stitch kits by Junebug and Darlin that recently made my shopping list. In their own words: “Junebug and Darlin started as a collaboration between best friends Zoe Frost (ie. Junebug), and MaryLynne Smith (ie. Darlin). We met while peddling baked goods at a farmer’s market in Oakland, CA in 2013, and in 2016, we started a business to provide our friends and fellow crafters with the inspiration and tools to create heirloom quality subversive crafts. We created Junebug and Darlin as a way to encourage novice and veteran makers alike to learn how to cross stitch with ease. As makers, we found it challenging to find kits that matched our aesthetics and ideals for both heirloom quality design and queerly subversive narratives. We wanted to make kits and art that spoke to who we are and what we want to see in the world, while providing all the necessary supplies and instructions.”

1) You are enough | Junebug and darlin

2) Queen| junebug and darlin

3) MIdnight floral | Junebug and darlin

4) Coral Floral | Junebug and Darlin

5) Feminist | Junebug and darlin

6) Amethyst | junebug and darlin

Need Some Guidance Before Getting Started?

I’ve been curious about cross stitch for quite some time and loved this class from Jeannette Douglas. She taught me how to read a stitch chart, how to count threads on linen fabric, and how to maintain tension.

Cross-Stitch: Basics & Beyond

If Books Are More Your Thing…

Here are some bestselling cross-stitch books that I’ve bookmarked:


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