About the CityCraft Modern Quilt Club

With our new expanded location, we are bringing back and expanding our monthly quilt club. The CityCraft Modern Quilt Club is open to quilters (and future quilters) of all levels who are open to the growth and exploration of their artwork.

The goal of the new CityCraft Modern Quilt Club is to explore ideas as a group and teach each other along the way - possibly developing entirely new approaches to quilting. An additional benefit is the opportunity to tackle those techniques we've wanted to try (i.e. trapunto, english paper piecing...) without committing to a whole quilt. We'll never know if we're the next Mozart of foundation piecing unless we try.

The material for these studies will be online in PDF format. This also gives us a platform to link to demo videos; links to blogs; calendar of meetings; as well as a way to communicate with each other in an online forum.

Each month study with have a specific focus. Design and color (and maybe some tips as well) will be addressed each month with an assignment. Each study will also include a section called Quick Sew: While we encourage you to explore and experiment each month on your own, there are months when you might not have the time or interest to create an original piece. For those months we have the Quick Sew section. The Quick Sew is a "block" pattern provided for that particular months topics with full illustrations and step by step instructions. The Quick Sew blocks are designed to be part of a larger sampler quilt with the goal of a complete "study" quilt in the end. We will discuss the selected sampler fabrics in the kick-off meeting.

This exploration can only thrive with participation and exchange of ideas and methods. Feel free to invite other quilters who are open to evolve and try different things.