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Ruffle Fabric Dress Inspiration


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Ruffle Fabric Dress Inspiration



This weekend a friend I've known my entire life is getting married, and I'm dying to make some ruffle fabric evening wear for it. Although the bride and her sister have already requested that I wear this "Callie Design", I'm tempted to try my hand at a new ruffle dress, and I did a little digging to get some inspiration: [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="title" gallery exclude="1899"]

The fourth photo with the ruffles on the bias gave me the idea to sew some of the ruffles down to give the dress "sleekness" where I want it. I'm currently thinking of just taking my tank top pattern and adding length to make it a dress, then sewing down the ruffles from the shoulders to just under the bust. I might make the neckline deeper, too. Isn't this fun?