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Perfect Hostess Gifts with Ribbon


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Perfect Hostess Gifts with Ribbon



Party season is upon us. Will you avoid the "hour-before-the-party-hostess-gift-freak-out" this year? You know the one. When your hair is half-dry and you screech, "Honey!!! We can't show up empty-handed!!!" Don't worry. CityCraft has you covered.

Bath or tea towels + beautiful Renaissance Ribbons = perfect, easy hostess gifts

Ribbon is easily added to any towel with a few tricks:

1. Use an iron-on adhesive strip like Stitch Witchery or Steam-a-Seam to secure the ribbon to the towel before stitching down. Cut the ribbon wider than the towel because the adhesive strips tend to shrink up slightly when ironed. Once adhered, tuck the raw ribbon edges under, secure with pins, and stitch down along all sides of the ribbon. 2. IMPORTANT: Wind your bobbin with thread that is the same color as your towel so your stitches won't show on the backside.

CityCraft proudly carries Renaissance Ribbons. The best of the best!